Adjustment to $KARATE Token Emission Rate [Proposal]

I think we should also add a burn mechanism as well, when we bet X amount X amount is burnt. If we’re burning for example 0.5% of the amounts used to bet and let’s say the new average is 1.8B $KARATE Placed that’s 9M $KARATE being burned every Event. Over the span of releasing over 12 Quarters that’s 324M $KARATE being burnt, obviously thee amount will grow as tokens being released, there is already 9B in circulation with the max supply of 110B so an average of 3-5B $KARATE being used per event is very likely in the near future which will then make the burn around 27M $KARATE per event. That would be 324M $KARATE burnt yearly rather then 12 Quarters. As the token supply inflates that number will easily increase dramatically. & eventually supply will be cut 20% or so due to the burn mechanism. Long term value and gains will be inevitable with a Burn. When max supply is fully released there will be about 20-30B of $KARATE being used per event, that’s going to be a massive 90-180M $KARATE burnt each event. That is what we need for price to be sustainable and stability Without risk there is no reward. Only up gaming & current methodology of everyone can win without sacrificing something is not sustainable long term it’ll just damage prices forever. .5% is nothing if you’re going to receive 4-10% per event. If you lose .5% well better luck next time cause your picks didn’t win. You essentially only need to be right 1/9 events to break even if you constantly lose… & millions of tokens will be burnt by then. No one will be upset spending .50c every $100 they place. When potential of win is $4-$10.

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I was already agreeing when I’ve read the title. Especially considering recent price action!

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So can we have a vote on this? Feedback seems positive with some criticism, but the goal is to implement a working group as stated. It seems only proposals from official karate site can make it to a vote though, which would be unfair and not the goal of a community DAO.

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sure we can have a vote on it, but the token distribution kicks off sunday

i continue to believe it’s better to move forward, grow the float of the token and put this behind us

i think there’s a quirk in the forum software restricting poll access until a certain level of activity is reached. @usualape can help


Hey, feel free to edit your message and add a poll. We currently don’t have any restrictions on poll creation for any user who can create a post.

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This proposal demonstrates a thoughtful and proactive approach to maintaining the value and stability of the $KARATE token ecosystem. By considering adjustments to the token emission rate in response to market dynamics, the Karate Combat team shows a commitment to responsible financial management and long-term growth. Aligning the emission schedule with the interests of both current and future token holders is crucial for fostering investor confidence and ensuring the sustainability of the ecosystem. I commend the initiative to form a working group to explore and develop potential solutions, and I look forward to seeing the outcomes of these discussions. Together, we can work towards building a stronger and more resilient $KARATE token community.