A potential kick? Or an attempt at creating a template

Hi All,

This is a rule change that I have felt quite strongly about for some time. I have placed it in general as feedback could really help iron it out beforehand or maybe I will find out it’s not worth pushing. I am also going to attempt a dry run at a template :

Issue: The Referee timing grounded fighters usually leads to disappointing stand ups and an awkward momentary lull.

Solution: Remove the five second timer. Give Referee direction: stand fighters up if there are no significant strikes.

potential impact:

  • This rule change would stop the unnatural interruption of what is typically a very dramatic and important moment of a fight

  • This rule change would bring Karate combat more in line with the Ethos of Karate.

  • This rule change would stop fighters from stalling to escape.

  • This rule change would help to distance Karate combat from other combat sports.

I say this as a Karate combat fan and Combat Sports athlete,

  • Yes I think removing the timer in favour of a Ref’s direction is good.
  • No I do not think that removing the timer would be better.

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P.S Please also feel free to comment on template improvements. This feels easy to implement, concise, and easy to read.

I think that is a good idea.
The fighters will have to learn to defend themselves longer during the ground and pound and have to find a way to get up.
Maybe we will see more Ground and Pound knockouts.
A thing that might sound bad is that the ground and pound could last so much long that there will not be much stand up fighting in a round, but there will still be the “killer istinct” if the strikes will be significant.

ooooh interesting. i believe GSP is in favor of 3-seconds GNP and we tested it at kumite (spoiler).

Yeah personally I’m in favor of 3 second timer for Amateur Ruleset but I would prefer keeping the 5 second timer for the Pro Ruleset

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I agree in concept but there are some issues with the change that need to be addressed. First this is a primarily striking ruleset so you don’t want extended ground activity. However, if you modeled it after Judo that would like solve some of that. Second, the timer does add urgency to fighters to work quicker but there is that other trade off you mentioned.

But the biggest thing is there are defenses against GNP in KC like Up Kicks, Pulling Guard (causing the reset), and reversing the position with things like tripods sweeps. But without submissions or being able to scramble to a single leg does limit your defensive options. So I think the intention of the timer is also to balance that out for fairness.

Could you elaborate though how this rule change would help to distance Karate Combat from other Combat Sports?

Although getting rid of the 5sec Rule is a good idea, I’m afraid it creates more problems than it solves. Significant Strikes are just so subject, every referee is going to see them differently or every person for that matter. It leaves things open for interpretation, which is not what we want. We need clear visual cues for the referee to step in. For example, one knee on the ground or entering you’re opponents guard. Alternatively, we could turn the rule on its head and give the grounded fighter 5 seconds to stand up, strike back, or show activity. If there is no response, the referee stops the fight,which would lead to a Ground and Pound TKO.


No way. Nothing is more remniscent of the JKA/WKF footsweep and ippon strike in all of combat sports.