About the Official Rankings category

Fight fans all over the world love to debate fighter rankings. Through these debates fans increase their own knowledge about the roster and often the sport in general. For fighters, official rankings provide structure to give them a better understanding of where they stand in the division and who the top fighters under the champion are. The number next to their name also benefits them in promoting their own personal brand, gaining opportunities they may not have had before.

For these reasons, Karate Combat fans have been lobbying the League to create Official Rankings. While some organizations like the UFC have media members decide the rankings, Karate Combat has instead decided to give the power to the community instead. This is a major decentralization of power since the Official Rankings will play a heavy hand in deciding Title Fight matchups.

Karate Combat has delegated the first step of their Official Rankings to a Community Ranking Council. A hand selected group of super fans and media members. In the future the Token Holders will have the power to remove members of the council and approve any replacement.

Once the council has created a 1st draft of the rankings it will then go to communities like this forum category to debate and discuss the draft rankings. The ranking council will then listen to this feedback and adjust the final rankings according to the principle of rough consensus and running code.

These Rankings will be integrated into the League’s apps, website, and broadcasts

Category Guidelines

  • The main purpose of this category is to debate, discuss, and ask questions about Karate Combat’s Official Community Rankings
  • Forum members are also welcome to post their own ranking proposals but must contain the Title [Ranking Proposal] to ensure no confusion between the current Official Ranking and the Forum Member Proposed ranking.
  • As mentioned prior discussion and debate is encouraged in this forum category but please maintain respect for others. Unnecessary ad hominem and other forms of insulting will not be tolerated.