Allow Thigh Kicks

Subject: Proposal for Leg Kicks in Karate Combat – Embracing Tradition and Diversifying the Sport

Dear Karate Combat Community,

I would like to introduce a proposal that I believe would significantly benefit Karate Combat by allowing leg kicks to the thigh and, in doing so, bridge the gap between modern and traditional karate. Much like the transition from 6oz gloves to 4oz gloves that has been recently implemented, this change has several compelling advantages:


It’s important to remember that karate’s origins included a variety of striking techniques, including kicks to the thigh. By reintroducing leg kicks to Karate Combat, we pay homage to this rich tradition and preserve the essence of the martial art itself.


One of the most exciting aspects of Karate Combat is its potential to bring together different martial arts disciplines. Allowing leg kicks to the thigh would attract practitioners of styles like Kyokushin, which emphasizes full-contact, powerful striking. This inclusivity would diversify our talent pool and create an environment where fighters from various backgrounds can showcase their unique skills.


The introduction of leg kicks to the thigh introduces a new dimension of strategy and technique to the sport. Fighters would need to adapt, develop new defenses, and innovate their offense. This dynamic change promises a more captivating and diverse range of fights, keeping fans engaged and excited.


We all appreciate the excitement and innovation that Karate Combat has brought to the martial arts world. By embracing leg kicks, we not only incorporate traditional elements but also showcase our commitment to the evolution of martial arts. This change would further distinguish Karate Combat as a dynamic and progressive organization.


Let us consider these adjustments together and shape the future of Karate Combat. Your thoughts and feedback are invaluable in making these decisions. Please share your views and help us take Karate Combat to new heights.




Yes, please allow thigh kicks because kicking below the knees with the shins while trying to access the calf will lead to tibia injuries, Many of the calf kicks end up damaging the tendons behind the knee because the kick does not land low enough… A fighter should be free to do low kicks without having to think about landing a foul. The rule of only kicking below the knees dissuades many fighters to go low, and who instead then just opt to box.


Good morning,
The risk in doing this is that Karate Combat risks losing its identity.
This is going to be like a Kickboxing competition.
In karate, authorized strikes are strikes that can end the fight with a single blow.
The Low-kick does not come into this case, it is undermining work.
I am not for this development.


Today I watched KC 42 and many of the fights had lowkicks that went too high and many were undetected by the referees, I think in the Payet fight the referee admonished Payet a couple of times. Kenji Grillon was the best calf kicker at KC 42 but mostly, because of the below the knee kick rule, fighters are not kicking enough and are just tapping the legs of their opponents in order to not injure themselves. KC does not want to be another Kickboxing promotion but is really just reversing the kick to punch ratio in favor of punching ! KC actually should be considered Boxkicking . “In karate, authorized strikes are strikes that can end the fight with a single blow.” This may be the ideal, but as in most combat sports it is usually a flurry of techniques that ends a fight by KO. I just think lowkicks everywhere on the leg would not diminish KC. The only kick I think that should never be allowed in striking is the oblique kick which can overextend the knee. Regards


Low kicks should be added, it’s the most obvious progression of karate combat

What identity is KC losing exactly with the addition of thigh kicks? It’s not like the fights are more fun to watch because of a lack of thigh kicks. Everytime I watch KC with my friends I have to go through a whole speech of explaining leg kicks rules and why “they don’t just kick the thigh like the ufc guys”. For me, and I think a lot of other people, KC’s identity is in the pit, the uniform, and because it’s purely striking with ground and pound; not the fact that you can’t kick the thigh. Also the whole “single blow” philosophy is simply not true. Everyone knows that one strike/move is never able to end a fight for everyone. The falsehood of “single blows” is literally why KC is a thing in the first place; so we can see “karate” used in prolonged combat. Also, it’s funny how you call low kicks “undermining work” when anyone who has done a full contact fighting sport knows for a fact that low kicks are such an important investment in a fight. Several other karate styles use low kicks, so just because one style doesn’t authorize them doesn’t make all of the other styles fighting styles/moves void.


It’s an attitude, a mindset, a goal to achieve.

Ikken Hissatsu isn’t “this is the only way and if you fail in one blow, then that’s not karate.”

Karate has always had thigh kicks. Just become SOME styles have arbitrarily removed it from their competitions or styles is irrelevant - this is the pro league.


Agreed! Karate has always had thigh kicks. Some style may not use them, and some amatuer competitions may not allow them, but there is nothing intrinsically “karate” about barring thigh kicks.

Not only is a thigh kick a good technique in combat sports, but it is a VERY effective defense tool. And, ultimately, isn’t that what one of the things combat sports are all about? Creating and progressing the art to be an effective self-defense?

Regardless, I think allowing the thigh kick would be a good addition to the ruleset.


If that Thigh kick can end the fight in one to two blows(which can and has happened) then it’s Karate. If not then it’s kickboxing. Nothing wrong with kickboxing but Karate is suppose to stand out and be special.


Yes, I agree let’s have it! Bring this to a poll!


this one is definitely hotly debated, with team members split.

would love to have some of them weigh in on it after the kickback!


Being a karateka with a traditional okinawa karate as well as Kyokushin background, I find it highly bizarre to see people stating that allowing thigh kicks would deviate from karate principles.