Annual Tournament ? Karate Combat Cup! Karate Week! Karatefest

Interested in hearing thoughts and feedback in reference to an event that would transpire over the span of a week Or weekend ala international fight week . A Karate Convention with stylistic presentations, roster meet and greets, $karate buildathon (Developers) annual tournament.

Who? Karate Combat Universe

What? An annual Tournament /Festval/Convention

When? Karatemas (Karate Winter Games) seems like a great time for a Tournament! Anytime Really!

Where? Earth for Starters !

1) Teams ( Cobra Kai vs Team Smiley) (USA V Holland)
2) Individuals (bracket, round robin, etc)

        3) Amateur and or Professional participants (Prospects, Roster, IFC)
         4) Skills challenges (Kata, Hardest Strikes etc)
          5) Fan education and clinics

At any rate a way for the family to come together have fun promote the brand and dunk the staff in the water tank!


Hello, I think it’s a good idea, but it is necessary to have more informations

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Agreed I’m willing to gather any details needed. The Idea is at its genesis. I imagine the Karate Community in part or as a whole has something to this effect in the USA. Nothing that gets the attention of Karate Combat. I kind of see this as a Karate Combat/karate convention where people around the world can set up booths and participate in all the events that are put on by the Karate Combat team. A large revenue, engagement, educational and Promotional opportunity.


Yes OK, very nice.
You will definitely get a response from the community.


i’m def interested in a $karate hackathon later this year if growth continues at this pace.

there’s a TON that can be built on top of Up Only Gaming.


the KARATE annual tournament sounds a lot like the Dragonball’s martial arts tournament, I like it hahaha


I would totally attend a Karate fest or Karate week!

An opportunity to have amateurs/unknowns compete at a “amateur” level tournament (shorters rounds and/or fewer rounds) that can run concurrent to a pro tournament. Could be a cool way to develop talent.

I really like this idea and would love contribute and further this idea.