Change of Leader Board based on Percentage won - second attempt

Hi guys, it’s been months since we discussed to change the leader board (and the consequential prizes) based on the percentage of won bets rather than on the amount of KARATE won. The reason was that current system is unfair on awarding how good you are at picking the fighters and as it is now, currently a whale can even win a single bet which pays very little and still be on top.

I thought we generally agreed on this, however to date there were no poll on it and it’s still like it was while we already voted for others changes. I’d like to call for an poll on this topic and proceed with this change.


I need to review, but I think everyone agreed to beef up the prizes for the high score per event. That’s def in my plans for the final token vote.

However, we need to be very careful about this as it will surely be sybiled with the lowest amount permitted if the prizes for high score are too large. We have tons of experience with sybil farms at this point unfortunately.

Also, I think it is extremely important for the tokenomics and utility of $KARATE that the amount won is the most important metric for the main leaderboard.


I’m sorry, what do you mean with “sybil”?

i mean that a single person will play with multiple devices (perhaps hundreds or thousands) if there is a big prize to be won purely by getting the highest score.

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we might set a mix of rules to be sure only real people will participate lik a particular level on discord + a minimum amount of KARATE

I agree, it would the overall game play alot more satisfying.

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