Collaboration X CGI Environment Suggestion

NETFLIX/Sony’s Cobra Kai is up for it’s last upcoming season. I propose Karate Combat contacts NETFLIX/Sony Pictures for permission to create a Fight Environment that is half Miyagi-Do and half Cobra Kai Dojo.

The fighters could even dress in Gi, to the theme of both competing Dojos. If possible, it would be epic to have the cast there to participate in the promotion of the fight. This would definitely bring the FANDOM we are aiming to develop for the fighters and the brand. As well as spotlight the project to platforms such as NETFLIX, I think the Karate Combat brand has grown to where Cobra Kai would see this as an amazing marketing tool for their last season.

I am BRAVE BAT Ambassador in collaborations/partnerships. If possible, I would like to participate in the acquisition of this partnership.

Let me know what you think.


Cool idea! I think that something like this would go over REALLY well. Currently, everyone is thirsting for information on Karate Combat.

People who are into crypto and web3 are eager to hear how it started, who owns it, how the foundation was set up, and how staking works, etc.

Karate fans want to know who is the next to fight the champ, where the events will be, how the ruleset is evolving, etc.

Some of us (this is my category), just want to watch more guys beating each other up! All of these would get some satisfaction in a series on Netflix, it would be a great way to expose KC to the world, and I think the deep look into behind the scenes would be really cool to be included since it’s such a core part of the live events.

Would love to give this the go ahead or to connect the people who can. But this idea gets a big upvote for me!


we’ve tried to reach out before, but this is a great reminder to try again!


I like this idea. exposure on Netflix would be huge for KC


I have a good Team of Ambassadors helping to pursue this opportunity. As soon as we make contact…we will get you that audience you deserve!

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Thank you! Hopefully this will open the door for more ideas that you have, so people can really get to know who KARATE COMBAT is !

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Absolutely,100 percent!

This is great :+1: it is gonna be a great opportunity for people

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