Dojo franchise ideas

Consider KC Dojos network infrastructure that support the promotion as a whole! Helium had a brilliant idea and created an international decentralized network by incentivizing the end users to purchase the equipment which by they would in turn gain rewards by mining utilizing a small network and Lorawan enabled device. :nerd_face: My thought process is for KC to formulate a franchise type structure that they could sell to the end user whom would be incentivized by proof of active fighters and participation in the KC Network.

*Adds alternative revenue stream for fighters and gyms/dojos
*Implementing a KC Franchise structure would guide fighters and gyms/dojos how to operate within the network to be rewarded
*gyms/dojos are rewarded by participation and results
*Could be a seperate project with its own token/Dao
*There are KC Affiliations that could assist with some of the particulars of training regimes and required equipment to facilitate proper and safe training. BAS, Wonderboy, GSP as well as many seasoned karatekas on the roster
*There should be a focus on ease of onboarding utilizing a website/app

Thats all i have for now! any thought, additions, criticizms are welcome


i could def see it happening eventually


Dear BourbonAndNails,
I must admit that I dont understand everything you are talking about, but having dojos specifically supporting Karate Combat sounds like a great idea.
Muay Thai gyms are all over the place, especially in Thailand, Europe and USA where famous fighters such as Rodtang, Saenchai, Superbon just to name a few, give seminars.
In a KC gyms you could have seminars with with stars like Raymond Daniels, Gabriel Varga, Rafael Aghayev, GSP, Bas and others. Instead of gyms having rings or cages and being specifically for MMA, they would have pits, your special gloves and the KC Karate pants and outfits.
Actually You could also attract older people to train, who besides being weaker have more money to spend!
I also think that for recreational Karate Combat you could adopt the phrase “we play Karate” instead of the T-Shirt slogan “We dont play Karate” implying how all practitioners are tough and serious, ready to knock each other out.
When you get older you want to get a good workout but not necessarily a concussion !
When I started Muay Thai at 29 I was in a gym mostly with kids from 16 to 23 and we did “realistic sparring” which resulted in my having my nose broken 7 times during the years and shin, knee and ankle injuries, with black eyes going to work and being the clown of the company for it.
Muay-Thai gyms train fighters and recreational (mostly Westerners) which would work well for KC dojos also. Also because there are less joint and ACL injuries likely as in MMA or slashing injuries from elbows like in Muay Thai you wont end up looking like scarface after training!

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