Dojo franchise ideas

Consider KC Dojos network infrastructure that support the promotion as a whole! Helium had a brilliant idea and created an international decentralized network by incentivizing the end users to purchase the equipment which by they would in turn gain rewards by mining utilizing a small network and Lorawan enabled device. :nerd_face: My thought process is for KC to formulate a franchise type structure that they could sell to the end user whom would be incentivized by proof of active fighters and participation in the KC Network.

*Adds alternative revenue stream for fighters and gyms/dojos
*Implementing a KC Franchise structure would guide fighters and gyms/dojos how to operate within the network to be rewarded
*gyms/dojos are rewarded by participation and results
*Could be a seperate project with its own token/Dao
*There are KC Affiliations that could assist with some of the particulars of training regimes and required equipment to facilitate proper and safe training. BAS, Wonderboy, GSP as well as many seasoned karatekas on the roster
*There should be a focus on ease of onboarding utilizing a website/app

Thats all i have for now! any thought, additions, criticizms are welcome


i could def see it happening eventually