Expand Voting period & Voting options

We would like to see the voting open as soon as the full fight card is announced. Offering an early bird reward to encourage early event voting may help lock up tokens for a longer period of time, which in turn could help mitigate price volatility. Additionally, having more than one event planned and booked would enhance the token utility and nullify any downturn.

additionally, it would be better interactively if you could also choose different outcomes on the fight, such as who is going to finish the fight and if it goes to judge’s scorecards and what round it may end in.
any feedback would be appreciated.


gm - i agree with all that but unfortunately none of it’s possible immediately.

up only gaming is currently built off snapshot voting, which means playing is gas free & instant, but it introduces some limitations on what’s possible.

in the future the community could advocate for a staking mechanism that opens up more flexibility on play types & timing. but it would also introduce some education barriers and other risks.

however, we’re pretty optimistic about building Up Only Gaming versions of parlays and live play, even in the current setup.