Future Feature Brainstorm for Up Only Gaming

I was doing some daydreaming and curious to hear what other players think. There’s a few potential features that interest me personally for Up Only Gaming. After android launches, it might make sense to start to work on one of them. Do you all have a preference?

  1. Live Play. Take additional snapshots throughout KC so players can win smaller rewards on live events. For instance: guess the eventual winner of a fight after 2 rounds have completed or guess the winner of a judges’ decision in the event of a fight that goes the distance.
    Difficulty - Medium?

  2. “Parlays”. Allow players to pick multiple winners within one vote for higher potential Up Only Gaming rewards. This would likely start with something like the Daily Double you see at a horse race. (I’m using gambling verbiage here for brevity but it’s still all no-loss of course).
    Difficulty - Easy

  3. Play with Friends. Pool your nightly Up Only Gaming rewards with friends and play against them for a larger pot. For instance, 10 friends come together and play for one of them to win 10x the reward.
    Difficulty - Medium

Based on some recent user feedback I’m currently guessing #1 might be the biggest game changer. Both to supercharge engagement within the event and to relieve our education & marketing challenge around snapshots. I really love #3 but worry it might be a little too early for multiplayer. #2 has the huge advantage of being very easy to build on top of the existing system/UI.

Any other ideas? Which is your favorite so far? The poll below is mostly just for fun.

  • Live Play
  • “Parlays”
  • Play with Friends

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Cannot believe how low the votes for Parlays are!! Shocking! Increasing risk by betting multiple favorites to make worthwhile returns is a great idea!


So I agree there may be an initial education hurdle as to the ‘snapshot’ deadline but ideally once properly articulated this challenge could be solved.

Regardless, and after their first event people will understand.

Also, should be communicated that without this snapshot, people could shift tokens around and use the same tokens as another person as voting/betting power and basically minting free rewards out of thin air due to the nature of UOG.

This is actually my concern with ‘live play’ as cool as it sounds (presumably you have thought of a mitigation strategy for people shifting tokens between wallets during the events…)

The ‘play with friends’ thing could be good like a ‘private bet’ feature which could eventually even be played between all participants sort of like a DEX where people could offer up their own odds and someone could decide to take them up etc.

If ‘parleys would be simple’ as onlylarping has mentioned then great could be fun :slight_smile:

As boring as it may sound, to me, IMO the system (UOG) has been awesome and worked flawlessly- I haven’t had as much fun watching fights in a long time.

Basically at a precise time (countdown on website/app between events) your ‘voting/betting power’ is locked in - you then have 24 hours to place your bets before the event starts. Once the bets are placed all thats left to do is watch the games and enjoy!


A lot of users are still new and learning the fighters, even with your very informational videos they might not feel confident enough to make parlay votes yet. Just my speculation though.


An easy one I would like to see is guessing which fights will be won by decision or KO. Winning tokens to guess the correct fighter, winning additional tokens if you vote correctly on how they win.


Agreed but this is what a democratic vote is all about :slight_smile:


Agree this is the good way of voting


to the top play :grin::boom:
KC37: Rafael Aghayev vs Raymond Daniels - YouTube