How to avoid another Luiz Rocha and Bruno Souza snooze fest

In the fight between Luiz Rocha and Bruno Souza, both fighters were cautious and there was not a lot of striking.

To avoid that situation and encourage fighters to be more active, a new “fight or lose count down” should be enacted in which the last fighter to score a hit or take down will be declared the winner at the end of the count down. The only way to stop the count down is if both fighters score 3 strikes each before the end of the count down. The count down will be initiated by the league president whenever he thinks the fighters are not being active enough.

Of course there is a chance that the fight will be stopped early, but the fight was boring any way so why prolong the agony of watching it?

  • Yes, the new “fight or lose count down” should be enacted.
  • No, the new “fight or lose count down” should not be enacted.

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@mac-tyson would you mind explaining how the current ruleset currently favors aggression (when compared to other rulesets)? its something i meant to refresh on.

utilize moving pit walls that shrink the pit by a few feet every 10 seconds if they refuse to engage


Personally I do not agree with shrinkening the pit every 10 seconds of inactivity, the dimensions must stay the same.
Though a count-down might be too drastic, honestly I don’t know other alternatives than it.
About 25% of all fights throughout the 5 years lacked of action and I believe this is a good solution.


Well in the Judging Criteria, Effective Aggression is scored the highest. No other Professional Combat Sport has that in their judging criteria. That provides an inherent incentive for fighters to be more active in the fight.


One proposed alternative from Raymond Daniels is adding in a Yellow Card system like they have in ONE Championship. Where if a fighter is being too passive the judge can give them a yellow card and take away a percentage of their purse. Olympic Karate have something similar but it doesn’t affect their purse obviously (it’s an amateur sport).


Maybe that could be an alternative.
May I suggest to give that percentage of purse to the other fighter who is more active during the fights?


Fight or lose count should be in guys

I think it’s too much. I think if you wanted to do something like this it should be more like the last fighter to be hit has to throw 3 strikes or attempt a takedown, but landing it is not realistic and i would question the timers efficacy with short rounds to land 3 times would be extremely difficult especially with one fighter knowing they are about to win

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Voted successfully.
Rules that favours both fighters should be applied.
That would work for every fighters.

Well said, you made a strong point.