Integrate VR into live events

For my first feature request, I am harnessing the inner geek in me. Virtual Reality.

Karate Combat is a global phenomenon that already streams the events live, including a cool added visual component with a virtual background. I want to propose we take this a step further but incorporating a 360 degree camera on one of the pit corners. This would act as the “virtual throne” and anyone connecting into the stream would sit in that spot and be able to look and watch the action pit side!!

Imagine being in an isolated place in the world, with very little chance to ever make it to an event live… but by putting on a VR headset, you are transported into the environment as if you were actually there, being able to look around and see all the behind the scenes action, the production crew, the set up and actually being part of the crowd! The ambiance that is felt by being there is unlike no other… and I truly believe that it can be harnessed in a VR setting for the entire world to experience.

Karate Combat is already pioneering new spaces on so many levels that this could assist in that revolution. With the virtual reality background, Karate Combat is already halfway there. Imagine how insane Karate Combat on the moon would be via a VR headset!!

#dreambig #kctothemoon #kcvr


I think it is certainly an interesting idea, and would fit in well with the blockchain centric nature of KC. I can imagine this would be a great way for many around the world to engage, especially for those who can’t get to or afford to travel to a live event (as you mentioned).


1-2 years ago meta was sponsoring the setup and recording.

i think if you run around you might be able to find a partner that will do this for us at no charge actually.