Karate combat game

Does anyone else think there should be a karate combat game. Be ourselves on it and have the experience of being able to step into the pit.


pleasure to meet pete! karate combat has always been incredibly permissive with its intellectual property. last year it took this strategy to the next level and created an open license to allow any project to use the league’s IP in their own games & nft projects. we’d love for more people to use it.



Yes, I think a game on PS4 and PS5 would be great.

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I think a game app would be sweet. I remember their used to be an amazing game called taekwondo world something or other but it got to a point where it couldn’t function because it wasn’t maintained. but it was amazing!!! The point style is something to behold, and unlike the dynamics of ufc games that make the transition from strikes to ground sort of clunky, i highly doubt that would be an issue because it would involve only button tapping strikes for 5 seconds or trying to stand up off a perfectly timed block. overall i think it would have some of the charm of fight night boxing games but in an app form and with less high grade visuals in case they hinder the most important part: How the game is played!!!

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