KC Special Event Proposal: NFT Collectible Community Karate Combat Showdown

Event Overview:
In this special event, various NFT collectible communities, such as Kanpai Pandas, Neo Tokyo, Bored Ape, and others, will have the exclusive opportunity to choose a fighter to represent their collection in a one-of-a-kind showdown.

Event Format:

Fighter Selection: Each NFT collectible community will be invited to select one fighter from the roster of available Karate Combat fighters. This selection will be a point of pride and identity for each community.

Auction Entry: To secure their chosen fighter, communities must participate in a unique auction. This auction will determine which community gets the privilege of representing their chosen fighter in the event. The auction rules and format will be designed to ensure a fair and competitive process.

Community Representation: Once a community wins the auction for their chosen fighter, they become the exclusive representatives of that fighter in the event.
Kanpai Pandas VS Bored Ape,
Neo Tokyo VS doodles