KICK-0: Formalize the KICK Process


Karate Combat (“KC”) is a rapidly growing full-contact combat sport with free-to-watch cross-platform distribution on many of the world’s top sports networks. The KC league (“League”) features 100+ professional KC fighters who compete for championship belts. League events are broadcast and streamed globally in immersive 3D VFX environments rendered in Unreal Engine.

The League was built by a team of entrepreneurs with the vision to be the first sports league governed by its top fans and fighters and gamified to appeal to the habits and interests of sports fans. To achieve this objective, the League is fully embracing crypto rails.

In 2022, the League’s assets were sold to Sensei Foundation, an ownerless Cayman Islands foundation company (“SF”) and Sensei Ltd, a Seychelles international business company (“Ltd”). This past month, Sensei (BVI) Limited, a BVI business company (“Limited”; together with SF and Ltd, “Foundation”), issued the $KARATE token. The purpose of the token is to facilitate voting and engagement, allow fans to play and compete on the innovative Up Only Gaming system and foster an ecosystem of community-driven innovation.

The Foundation is governed by directors, advisors and delegates who must agree to embrace web3 tools and solicit input from $KARATE holders in order to give KC community members unprecedented access and input on key decisions involving the League.


The purpose of this post is to define and formalize the process for making Karate Combat community proposals (each, a “KICK”) and minimize the risk of confusion in the KICK introduction and voting process.


  • KICK: A KICK represents a proposal by $KARATE holders to the Foundation to support changing parameter values for Up Only Gaming contracts or for off-chain decisions made by Foundation directors, advisors or delegates (such as updating League rules, setting fight matchups, intellectual property licensing or token-gated experiences). KICKs are proposed on the KICK Template and can be added, amended, replaced and removed.
  • KICK Template: The standardized KICK template found at (coming soon), which is recommended to be adhered to in order for a KICK to advance beyond the Feedback Period.
  • Feedback Period: The period within which the KC community can give feedback to a proposed KICK before it can advance to the initial feedback vote. The Feedback Period should not be less than 3 days.
  • Forum: The Karate Combat governance forum located at
  • Editor(s): Individuals who enforce administrative and editorial aspects of the KICK introduction and voting process, such as:
    • Providing feedback to KICK authors and responders in the Forum.
    • Assigning formal number labels to KICKs prior to a Snapshot vote.
    • Confirming there is a (real) dedicated KICK author, coordinator and sponsor and corresponding with them.
    • Reviewing KICKs for obvious defects and compliance with the KICK Template. Note - Editor(s) may correct defects or compliance glitches, but they are not required to.
  • Council: One or more Foundation directors, advisors, delegates or KC community members selected by them, who may be required to approve a KICK before it is implemented.
  • Principles: The minimum principles set forth below that each KICK must satisfy to advance beyond the Feedback Period to a Snapshot vote.


  • Specificity: Each KICK must address a specific issue.
  • Completeness: Each KICK must be thorough. Relevant, specific particulars should not be left undefined or unreferenced.
  • Avoid overlap: Multiple KICKs should not simultaneously address the same issue independently.
  • Clarity: Each KICK should be as clear and easy to understand as possible.
  • Brevity: Each KICK should be as short as possible, including only essential details in light of the other principles.


  • Anyone can propose a KICK on the Forum for deliberation within the KC community.
  • To qualify for advancement beyond the Feedback Period, each KICK must be proposed on the Forum and should include a feedback poll to gauge sentiment.
  • Editor(s) may vet, edit, repost and/or delete KICKs which fail to satisfy the minimum Principles or which do not include a feedback poll.
  • Each valid KICK should be discussed for a minimum 3-day Feedback Period before it can advance to Snapshot voting.
  • After the Feedback Period, if there is at least a 50% “for” vote in the feedback poll, Editor(s) may advance the KICK to formal voting by creating a Snapshot vote.
  • In order for a Snapshot vote to pass, it must have majority support (50% +1) after at least 5 days of voting.
  • However, the required 5-day voting period may be shortened at the discretion of Editors if a vote has overwhelming support or high voting participation or concerns a time sensitive issue.

Edits & Approvals

  • Note - Since KICKs require off-chain implementation actions by extrinsic parties, such as Council participants, the approval of a KICK by $KARATE holders via a Snapshot vote is neither necessary nor sufficient to cause the respective proposal to be implemented. Therefore, KICKs signal the support or opposition by $KARATE holders for the proposed outcome, but $KARATE holders may not rely on Council participant(s) or other KC community members for execution.
  • While Editor approval will not always be required for a KICK to be valid, running KICKs past Editors is the best practice to ensure consistent, community-recognized proposals and high-quality community deliberation.
  • KICKs may be withdrawn at any point before they enter a Snapshot vote. Authorship over withdrawn KICKs or KICKs from authors who become unavailable may be transferred by Editor(s) to third parties.
  • Externally referenced material in a KICK is not KICK-content and will not be deemed ratified when a Snapshot vote passes unless the approval is explicitly stated by the Editor(s).
  • Changes to the policies set forth in this post, including the addition of quorum or supermajority requirements, may be enacted publicly by the Editor(s), including pursuant to a valid KICK.


This post is being made by Sensei Foundation, an exempted Cayman foundation company limited by guarantee without share capital. Sensei Foundation, certain of its subsidiaries and each of their service providers, suppliers, consultants and/or agents (“Representatives”) own $KARATE and have financial interests related to this proposal. Associated entities and Representatives of Sensei Foundation and its subsidiaries may also hold $KARATE and may have financial interests related to this proposal. All such entities, their Representatives and other related persons may also have financial interests in complementary or competing projects or ecosystems, entities or tokens. These statements are intended to disclose relevant facts and to help identify potential conflicts of interest, and should not be misconstrued as a complete description of all relevant interests or conflicts of interests; nor should they be construed as a recommendation to purchase or acquire any token or other instrument.

This proposal is also subject to and qualified by the terms and conditions set forth at (including its sub-domains) and associated applications and other associated offerings of Sensei Foundation and/or its subsidiaries. Sensei Foundation, its subsidiaries and each of their Representatives may lack access to all relevant facts, may have failed to give appropriate weighting to available facts, and shall not be deemed to make any representation, warranty or guarantee regarding the accuracy or completeness of the statements herein. Sensei Foundation, its subsidiaries and each of their Representatives shall have no liability in the event of losses or damages ensuing from approval or rejection or other handling of any KICK proposal. Each user and voter should undertake their own research and make their own independent interpretation and analysis of all relevant facts and issues to arrive at their own personal determinations of how to vote on any such proposal.


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Two interim updates just to clarify the voting process. First, until Snapshot and voting delegation are set up, the Editors are unable move polls to a Snapshot vote unless the KC community shows overwhelming support for an initiative, which requires a case-by-case assessment. Second, since changes to the Karate Combat ruleset require approval by the league’s rules committee, Proposed KICKs for league rule changes should only be made to address persistent challenges that arise over time - not as reactions to single events. To satisfy the minimum principles to qualify for a Snapshot vote, any such proposed rule change must therefore include sufficient data to support the need for the change.


Well written and detailed info about KICKs. The only thing I am not 100% onboard is the 3 day feedback period. I think this should be expanded to 10 days since we don’t want involved fans that are taking a week vacation to be left out of the process…


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