KICK-1: League Rule Change Extra Round


In Karate Combat’s official ruleset, viewable here, an “Extra Round” aka Sudden Victory can happen in only two scenarios: (1) if the judges’ final score results in a draw or (2) if the fight is balanced out and at least two out of three judges request an “Extra Round”. The result of the additional Sudden Victory round determines the winner, and if this round scores a draw, then the official result will be a draw.

Karate Combat’s extra rounds have developed into an overwhelming fan favorite and a clear differentiator with other combat sport rulesets. The League’s official twitter space, is even called One More Round.

Draws are very rare, and only 1 has occurred in Karate Combat over all 182 fights to date. However split scores happen regularly: 30 have occurred to date, which is on average 1.65 times per 10-fight night.

As League President, I am strongly in favor of an official rule change, voted on by the token holders, to automatically add an extra round anytime the judges score a split decision. Given the importance of extra rounds in the lore of Karate Combat, I’m also in favor of voting on this potential rule change as KICK #1.

If approved, we anticipate this change would increase the number of fights with extra rounds and decrease the number of controversial judges’ decisions. A summary of the change is included in the table below.

*this rule and the change is only applicable in geographies where the commission allows extra rounds.


If the fight result is a split score after the third (non-title fight) or fifth round (title/championship fight), should an extra round be automatically held?

Quorum rules still need to be debated, but if the sentiment poll below generates substantial favor, it can likely be pushed to token voting ASAP.

  • Yes
  • No

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Poll closes: Jun 18, 2023


i dont think we quite have all the snapshot functionality up yet (proposal voting on Hedera ex-iOS comes to mind).

i’m sure it’ll be done soon though, and if this looks like a clear sentiment one way or the other i’m in favor of moving to the first token vote.


I love the idea! Dana White always says “Don’t leave it in the hand of the judges” and I think this rule will remove a large portion of those decisions.

One thing I would like KC to provide more clarity on is the fact that it’s “sudden death”. Meaning, the previous rounds are null and void and the ONLY thing that matters is the “one more round”. I’m not sure it’s well known and I think some people were expecting the extra round to just count towards the judging of the previous rounds.


I absolutely agree with this rule change.
As we have noticed there is a rate of 1,6 fights with split decision for every 10 fights events.
Since we have noticed that many fights ended controversially from the fan perspective, we want to focus to give a winner only by majority or unanimous decisions, to be sure of the dominance of a fighter.


given overwhelming positive sentiment, the team just pushed KICK #1 to a snapshot vote where available. go vote if you can! options to vote on hedera on web will be available soon.

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I think mouthpieces should be provided by the karate combat company

I propose another option to stop draws or split decisions. besides an extra round.
Why not lengthen the 3 rounds to 5 minutes like in MMA.
When you have 3x3 minute rounds the fighters are usually slugging as much and as fast as possible in order to get a KO.
Good technique especially good kicking goes out the window because their is not enough time for it.
If you lengthen the rounds and have the referee goad the fighters to engage when they are too passive, then you can have a better fight.
it is also more likely that a fighter can do spinning back kicks and side kicks, and other more sophisticated kicks when tired instead of just slugging with full power using their fists only.

yea i’d love to see a nicotine pouch co sponsor the mouthguards. but we should prob try to keep forum topics separate so they’re easier to find/review.