Length of rounds From 3 To 4 Minutes

I propose conducting a community poll to consider extending the duration of each round from three minutes to four. Increasing round length is likely to result in more conclusive outcomes and enhance the overall intensity of the fight action. Traditionally, nine minutes of activity is associated with amateur events, and I believe that elongating the time fighters spend in the ring will progressively reflect greater professionalism. We might also consider matching UFC events by increasing round times to five minutes. Given that stand-up fighting is generally less demanding on stamina than ground fighting, this change should not adversely impact the fighters’ endurance.


Interesting idea, and I do see your points very much, I have thought much of the same. Something to consider is that it could increase event lengths by probably 30 minutes between the breaks and stuff between rounds. Maybe only 20. I personally wouldn’t mind.

My main argument for why not to is to look to Muay Thai; most fights, even main events, are 3x3, for many productions. Not sure if title fights are longer. I feel like Muay Thai and Karate Combat both bring a lot of action, and I think that increasing round lengths could slow the pace.

I would definitely be down to hear other’s opinions, as I am not greatly swayed on way or the other!!


thanks for joining us kyle! it’s a pleasure to have you hear.

in general i’d like to keep the fights as fast & action packed as possible to lean into the viewing habits of the next generation of fans.

i’m not the experrt in this area, but i’d personally worry a bit that longer rounds means mroe tired fighters and slower fights.


good karate , are you ready

You are certainly correct on the point that the younger generations of fans like short form content and have shorter attention spans. However, there is also something to be said for longer fights, whether by time per round or number of rounds total (depending on whether or not it is a championship fight of course), as many true martial artists and fight fans love to see who has the endurance and fortitude to keep going and outlast the other (Nate Diaz being a classic example of “I didn’t hear no bell”). Often times shorter fights leave true prowess on the table and leave fights up to decision when the fighters easily could have gone longer to see who had the strength and will to power through and persevere. Not to mention in real life fights end when one either quits or is rendered unable to fight any longer. Of course, I also understand the need for fighter safety as well as tailoring content for the viewers, but these are great discussion to have.

This is merely my take, but I believe it is something worth discussing and considering as the league progresses. Karate Combat is already “in a league of its own” and is truly bringing the ethos and energy of true martial artists back to the world of combat sports. The fact that the DAO structure you all set up allows us to even have these conversations is revolutionary. Here’s to the years ahead. Cheers mate.


Increasing the length of time would enable more technique because fights are rushed when you only have 3X3 minutes. The reason Muay Thai was shortened from 5X3 to 3X3 is that in traditional contests the first two rounds would not count on the scorecards so fighters would start slow and have a lackadaisical approach. Also if a fighter thought he won, he would dance away in the 5th round. Now only title fights have 5 rounds, and in 3X3 fights the contestants are going for the knockout fast, especially in One Championship contests, in order to collect a bonus. Actually fighters should be able to choose different time options, but the rules of promotions are super rigid!

My Son is an excellent KC Fighter and I totally agree with extending round time, He fought MMA for 7 years and he found the KC rounds to be to short to get a rhythm going. He doesn’t get warmed up until the 4th of 5th round!

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Would be great to test the 4 minutes per round.

I think it’d would reduce the chances of finishes as the fight progresses. The fresher the quicker and explosive fighters are. In wrestling (my main area of training) 3+3 minutes was a lot, striking is less fatiguing but I honestly don’t see how this could improve the show, rather it would worsen the show