Make Takedowns Required in Submission Series

Matches should be required to start standing. A legitimate attempt at a standing attack should be required before entering ground fighting. Butt scooting should only be allowed if an opponent ended up on the ground and the other opponent disengaged and stood up. Agree or disagree?


While the idea of encouraging standing takedown attacks before ground fighting sounds ideal, implementing such rules would come with significant consequences.

One of the defining features of grappling at the KC is its submission-only format, with minimal rules and NON-STOP action (no resets). Unlike other organizations, the pit format ensures there are no stoppages or resets, maintaining continuous engagement throughout the fight.

Enforcing rules against pulling guard for example would require penalties for those who pull guard, possibly leading to disqualifications for non-compliance. Introducing penalties would also necessitate establishing point parameters for referee decisions, raising questions about whether penalized fighters would still win in a referee decision, etc etc.

Moreover, implementing stoppages and stand-up resets would fundamentally alter the essence of grappling in the pit, which thrives on the idea of a continuous fight until one fighter concedes. While the proposal aims to enhance the sport, it risks diluting the unique appeal of grappling at the KC, where relentless action and uninterrupted battles define the experience.

In summary, while the idea of promoting standing attacks has merit, it’s crucial to consider the broader implications and whether the proposed changes align with the core values and excitement of grappling in the pit.

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Are you familiar with Kosen Judo or even Combat Jiu Jitsu? Both have rules that fighters must start standing. Guard pulling is allowed. That leads me to my other thought, this is Karate Combat, why are they not doing Combat Jiu Jitsu with open handed strikes on the ground?

Yes, I’m familiar with various forms of grappling and close combat martial arts. The proposal of the Pit Submission Series isn’t confined to any single style but encompasses all grappling arts, without incorporating striking. It operates akin to ADCC but with a more dynamic setup owing to the pit format. Introducing strikes on the ground would deviate from the essence of pure grappling, shifting it towards an MMA style. Similarly, allowing grappling or submissions in Karate Combat would blur its focus as a Striking league. Karate Combat aims to excel as a Striking league and now also as a Grappling league, prioritizing minimal stoppages, high action, and straightforward rules for enhanced entertainment and comprehension. Its primary objectives are the knockout in the Striking league and submission in the Grappling league.

I actually had the same thought. It would make sense for Pit Submission. If we’re bringing karate back to its martial roots, why not do the same for Jiu Jitsu. Venues for point fighting sport karate and contemporary sport Jiu Jitsu are already well-established. Why not do something different.

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I’m new to the application so i am unsure how to create a proposal or perhaps i need to be a user for a longer period of time. I would love to propose this rule change and possibly including combat jiu jitsu matches.