My concerns for the future of karate combat


Not usually the time of person to write on forums but I just wanted to express my concern for how the league is going at the moment. I, like many others don’t really feel that other styles should be allowed in the league as the karate stylists were what made the league unique. I don’t mind the pit submission series as it brings a whole new audience and I understand that the non-karate fighters have contracts and so cannot just be released but I feel we should stop any more from entering. At this point in time I feel that kombat taekwondo are doing a much better job at running a traditional martial arts league (aside from the quality of fighter) as not only do they only allow taekwondo practitioners but they have also set up a strong support network through minor leagues and sponsored dojos I feel it is important for karate combat to do the same.

Sorry for the long post but as a huge fan of karate combat and what it stands for I felt as though I should express my opinions.

Are there any successful sports league’s that gatekeep athletes based on their training background?

I think it’s our collective job to::

  • set the most entertaining ruleset possible that honors the traditions of karate
  • find the best, most marketable athletes in the world willing to fight under that ruleset

If talented & marketable athletes want to fight under the Karate Combat ruleset it would in my opinion be borderline insane to turn them away.

Compared to its competitors, Karate Combat is a young, small startup. The league doesn’t have the luxury of turning away fighters that will propel the league further.

I really don’t hear this line of argument from many fighters or owners of karate-based businesses. Most with skin in the game want to promote the sport of karate to as many people as possible.


I completely understand where you’re coming from but I just feel that for a league that emphasises democracy so much, the fans should have a say in such a monumental shift. I mean no disrespect as I previously stated am a huge fan of the league I just wanted to voice my opinion.

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For sure, didnt interpret as disrespect at all, and always appreciate hearing from everyone.


Personally, I disagree, i think its fun to see who would win, a boxer against other martial arts, i think its what makes KC fun! But in the future, there could be seperate leagues for specific martial arts