New Integrations for Tax Reporting Ease

Good Evening!

I know we all have #KarateCombatFever at the moment w/ #KC44 and #ICF1. I figured I would work on my taxes and would reward myself by looking at the fight tonight. Something I noticed when linking some wallets/exchanges to #CoinLedger is that there is no integration for this APP yet. I would like to suggest this feature / integration moving forward to help with the ease of reporting taxes. #CoinLedger “is #1 Free Crypto Tax Software, built to save you time & maximize your refund…” This is not the only Crypto Tax Software, but I do believe it to be one of the best.

With new KC Members joining and the project striving to keep KC functions/operations as simple as possible, I think this integration would help simplify KC member’s tax reporting; subsequently, this also demonstrates KC cares about its members being financially successful and most importantly financially safe.

As always…let me know your beautiful thoughts. Happy #KC44 and #ICF1


csv export is on the roadmap. do you think that would be sufficient for v1?

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@onlylarping I think CSV support would be sufficient at first, as many here are accustomed to having to generate and export them from exchanges for tax purposes. It’s a straightforward process. However, in the long term, API integration into a tax platform such as TokenTax or Coin Ledger mentioned above would provide even those who aren’t crypto or tech savvy an easy means of keeping track of their KARATE transactions.

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