[Official Rankings] Post-KC40 Rankings Council Proposal

For those who don’t understand how the rankings work please visit the about the Official Rankings category topic. The Ranking Council has finished deliberating on our 1st draft of the Post-KC40 Rankings. We are now bringing it to this forum for members to debate and discuss.

Please let us know what you think about these rankings.

Eoghan Chelmiah (C)

  1. Jesus Lopez,
  2. Gabriel Stankunas
  3. Robbie Lavoie
  4. Maximo Nunez
  5. Ilies Mardhi

Luiz Rocha (C)

  1. Edgars Skrivers
  2. Gabriel Varga
  3. Bruno Roberto de Assis
  4. Andres Madera
  5. Shazaib Rindh

Rafael Aghayev (C)

  1. Josh Quayhagen
  2. Fernando Moreno Paz
  3. Kenji Grillon
  4. Dionicio Gustavo
  5. Jorge Perez

Ross Levine (C)

  1. Shahin Atamov
  2. Igor De Castañeda
  3. Raymond Daniels
  4. Franklin Mina
  5. Adrian Hadribeaj

Men’s P4P:

  1. Rafael Aghayev, 2. Ross Levine, 3. Luiz Rocha, 4. Eoghan Chelmiah, 5. Edgars Skrivers, 6. Josh Quayhagen, 7. Achraf Ouchen, 8. Gabriel Varga, 9. Jesus Lopez, 10. Raymond Daniels

Women’s P4P:

  1. Omaira Molina, 2. Christina Kavakopoulou, 3. Melinda Fábián, 4. Ana Luisa Ferreira, 5. Sthefanie Oliveira, 6. Fabiola Esquivel

Respectfully, I don’t understand how Paz remains at #2 in WW after a major (T)KO loss to a debutant, especially not if that holds him above undefeated Kenji Grillon who just beat the former MW Champ in that same event. Complete that thought with Ross Levine being #2 lb4lb and noting that claiming Atamov’s title for himself is the most important notch in his KC belt. Food for thought!


A Loss at Lightweight doesn’t affect Paz’s ranking at Welterweight (however fighters that have two or more consecutive fights outside of their division are no longer eligible for that divisions rankings). Kenji Grillons win was impressive and his run in general has been impressive. So there’s an argument for ranking him higher but it must be done in comparison to Paz’s body of work at Welterweight.

In my personal ranking proposal I actually had Ross Levine as #1 P4P, the rough consensus we landed on in the council was #2 P4P. But that’s why we are bringing it to the community for them to debate this. I’m sure the debate on who should be #1 is going to be the most controversial one thus far.


Where are the 205lb rankings? When will we see the inaugural women’s championship? I feel having a women’s title would be very beneficial in attracting more women to the league. Same for the HW division.

Here is my proposal for the 205ers

Men’s HW (205lbs)
Champion - VACANT

  1. Achraf Ouchen
  2. El Hadji Ndour
  3. Elvin Agayev
  4. Antonio Arroyo
  5. Zakaria Benbouchta
  6. Adam Ramos

this is awesome. so much fun to debate it live.

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GTFOH if anyone thinks raymond daniels isn’t ranked way too low and not on both lists of weight classes. first off he’s better than anyone on the p4p list except aghayev, and levine. He has a lifetime of kickboxing, karate and mma experience. secondly is he staying at 185? because if so he needs to be fighting levine or some other big name signing before he gets too old. he looked great in his last fight.

also, quayhagen is better than chelmiah and skrivers, with all due respect