[Official Rankings] Post-KC43 Rankings Council Proposal

For those who don’t understand how the rankings work please visit the about the Official Rankings category topic. The Ranking Council has finished deliberating on our 1st draft of the Post-KC43 Rankings. We are now bringing it to this forum for members to debate and discuss.

Please let us know what you think about these rankings.

Women’s Strawweight:
Sthefanie Oliveira (C), 1. Christina Kavakopoulou, 2. Li Lishan, 3. Fabiola Esquivel, 4. Ana Villanueva

Myzra-Bek Tebuev (C), 1. Eoghan Chelmiah, 2. Jesus Lopez, 3. Saidyokub Kakhramanov, 4. Gabriel Stankunas, 5. Maximo Nunez

Luiz Rocha (C), 1. Edgars Skrivers, 2. Gabriel Varga, 3. Bruno Roberto de Assis, 4. Shazaib Rindh, 5. Jeremy Payet, 6. Artur Gasanov, 7. Andres Madera

Rafael Aghayev (C), 1. Josh Quayhagen, 2. Vasili Antokhii, 3. Fernando Moreno Paz, 4. Kenji Grillon, 5. Jo Miyahara, 6. Dionicio Gustavo

Ross Levine (C), 1. Igor De Castañeda, 2. Raymond Daniels, 3. Franklin Mina, 4. Adrian Hadribeaj

Sam Alvey (C), 1. Achraf Ouchen, 2. Elhadji Ndour, 3. Antonio Arroyo, 4. Elvin Aghayev

Men’s P4P:

  1. Rafael Aghayev, 2. Luiz Rocha, 3. Ross Levine, 4. Myzra-Bek Tebuev, 5. Edgars Skrivers, 6. Josh Quayhagen, 7. Gabriel Varga, 8. Eoghan Chelmiah, 9. Sam Alvey, 10. Achraf Ouchen

Women’s P4P:

  1. Melinda Fábián, 2. Omaira Molina, 3. Sthefanie Oliveira, 4. Christina Kavakopoulou, 5. Ana Luisa Ferreira

Abstracting from current ranking I think it’s super important you create a set of rules to follow for the ranking otherwise the ranking becomes like the UFC’s which is nonsense.

You need some technical parameters to use to create them otherwise ranking means nothing


Good morning,
I think this is a mistake, but Ross Levine is missing from KC Champions on the website.
It is necessary to redo the update.

Ranking Criteria:
Minimum Eligibility:

  • Fighters who haven’t fought or haven’t been scheduled to fight in a period of 5 events or more are ineligible to be ranked
  • Fighters who aren’t currently signed are ineligible to be ranked
  • A fighter will lose their ranking if they take more than one consecutive fight outside of their division
  • If a fighter retires from the sport, or expresses their intention to take an extended break they will still be ranked for one month, but removed after.

Main Ranking Criteria In order of Priority:

  1. Results in Karate Combat (overall record, dominance in fights, number of title defenses, etc)
  2. Accomplishments (quality of opposition and awards earned)
  3. Prior accomplishments

Thank you for noticing that, the issue has been resolved on the website.

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yes my friend.
nice to meet you

I would look also at the technique even if it makes the rating more complicated. For example: which kind of KO or finishes a fighter makes

I agree with you. This might work even better. :slightly_smiling_face:

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For the main ranking criteria:
Based on points #1-3, it seems the quantifiable inputs are: (i) fighter record, (ii) title defenses, (iii) opposition fighter record, (iv) # of awards earned. [Need to quantify dominance]

Maybe there’s an intangible factor regarding quality of opposition, however, opposition fight record could be used as a proxy.

Is there a way we can add weighted values to each of these? For example, fighter record accounts for 30% of ranking, title defenses 30%, etc etc.

I think there’s an opportunity here to make rankings extremely transparent if we can boil it down to quantifiable inputs.