[Official Rankings} Post-KC45 Rankings Council Proposal

For those who don’t understand how the rankings work please visit the about the Official Rankings category topic. The Ranking Council has finished deliberating on our 1st draft of the Post-KC43 Rankings. We are now bringing it to this forum for members to debate and discuss.

Please let us know what you think about these rankings.

Rankings update:
Women’s Strawweight:
Sthefanie Oliveira (C), 1. Christina Kavakopoulou, 2. Li Lishan, 3. Saba Nabavinejad, 4. Fabiola Esquivel, 5. Ana Villanueva

Myzra-Bek Tebuev (C), 1. Jesus Lopez, 2. Saidyokub Kakhramanov, 3. Eoghan Chelmiah, 4. Gabriel Stankunas, 5. Maximo Nunez

Luiz Rocha (C), 1. Edgars Skrivers, 2. Gabriel Varga, 3. Alejandro Flores, 4. Shazaib Rindh, 5. Bruno Roberto de Assis, 6. Jeremy Payet, 7. Artur Gasanov, 8. Andres Madera

Rafael Aghayev (C), 1. Vasili Antokhii, 2. Josh Quayhagen, 3. Kenji Grillon, 4. Fernando Moreno Paz, 5. Jo Miyahara, 6. Dionicio Gustavo

Ross Levine (C), 1. Igor De Castañeda, 2. Franklin Mina, 3. Adrian Hadribeaj

Sam Alvey (C), 1. Achraf Ouchen, 2. Elhadji Ndour, 3. Antonio Arroyo, 4. Elvin Aghayev

Men’s P4P:

  1. Rafael Aghayev, 2. Luiz Rocha, 3. Ross Levine, 4. Myzra-Bek Tebuev, 5. Edgars Skrivers, 6. Josh Quayhagen, 7. Gabriel Varga, 8. Jesus Lopez, 9. Sam Alvey, 10. Achraf Ouchen

Women’s P4P:

  1. Melinda Fábián 2. Omaira Molina, 3. Sthefanie Oliveira, 4. Christina Kavakopoulou, 5. Ana Luisa Ferreira

How do you ko some one in one round yet be bellow them in the rankings that makes no sense disrespectful to do that to Myzra-Bek Tebuev


Luiz Rocha also has a win over Tebuev at Lightweight. So they are 1-1 with both having wins at the weight class they are champions in. P4P Rankings were designed as a way to argue who is the most skilled and accomplish fighter regardless of weight class. Otherwise by default the heavyweight fighter would be considered the best fighter in every Combat Sport.

So when we look at placement you have to look at their entire career in their weight classes. Luiz Rocha has 2 defenses while Myzra-Bek has 1. Luiz Rocha has more KO wins and wins over the only other fighter to beat Mzra-Bek. That’s the reasoning for keeping Rocha higher. It’s also why Myzra-Bek wants to go up in weight and win the Lightweight title to solidify his dominance and make an argument of whether he should be P4P #1.


No i get that iam fighter to so i understand. How ever Myzra-Bek Tebuev won in one round Luiz Rocha won a close fight that was 5 years ago. Myzra-Bek Tebuev also won his title with a ko ageist a top 5 guy that had 3 title defense and dont forget Luiz Rocha is a bigger man than Myzra-Bek Tebuev so p4p Myzra-Bek Tebuev ko him means more than Luiz Rocha wining a close fight. Finally Myzra-Bek Tebuev is perfect in his weight classe while Luiz Rocha is not so if going by their weight classe Myzra-Bek Tebuev is better choice add to the fact Myzra-Bek Tebuev ko him with both of them in their prime its clear that Myzra-Bek Tebuev is the better fighter bettwen the two now and should be ranked above him. I respect your opine.

Statistics in sports was invented for a reason :warning: