Proposal to add a paralympic division into the league

Hello guys!
In this Topic I want to propose a new division for fighters with relational/mental disabilities, like me who are only allowed to fight only in paralympic divisions.

How does it works and who can join:

Basically this division is open to fighters with mental/relational disabilities with a low support level.
This means that, to keep the show still entertaining, only paralympic fighters with mental/relational disabilities that are autonomus on their own, that can understand and interact with low or null support needed, can join the league, such as level 1/2 autism, Tourette sindrome and ect…
The competition rules are the same from the main league, eventually we can opt for adding at least an headgear for preventing concussions from hurting the head when falling on the mat.

Why is it needed?
Not every paralympic fighter is allowed to fight in the traditional circuit for medical reasons, so adding a dedicated division could still keep the dream for many fighters to join the league despite their disability alive.

Where and who are they organizing paralympic fights:

I found ot that in some events paralympic fights were organized since 2020.
One of the most viral event was a wheelchair MMA fight in Brazil organized by ABCF Fighting. The promotion organized some events later a championship bout between two other paralympic fighters.
Another organization was the 2023 World Combat Games in Ryhad, were there were introduced paralympic disciplines fo the first time, such as para-muay thai and para-savate for all types of disabilities.
The last one I want to mention is the World Adative Boxing Council, which is organizing bouts between wheelchairs boxers and boxers with amputated legs.

I knw that would be difficult to prepare a dedicated division for paralympic fighters, but it would keep my dreams and the other dreams to join the league still alive.

Please let’s discuss about it.

Would you like to have a paralympic divsion in the promotion, too?

  • Yes, add a paralympic division for fighters with mental/relational disabilities
  • No, keep it as a traditional circuit only
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in my opinion this definitely makes sense at some point.

currently, i’m not sure if karate combat has reached the scale where it can properly execute though.


I do understand that as a promotion you need to make show and to get cash for both staff and fighters.
I do think that there should be a cautious scouting for fighters with intellectual impairments.
The problem behind it is that only athletes with less than 70 IQ points are eligible to be in intellectual impairments, according to the International Paralympic Committee, without considering any diagnosis.
I really hope that this paralympic division becomes feasible in Karate Combat, it’s my last chance to get in as a fighter.