Proposal to Boost Karate Combat's Ecosystem through Innovative Use of Karate Tokens

Hello Karate Combat Community,

As an early investor in Karate Combat and an admirer of the innovative approach the community takes towards martial arts and digital integration, I am excited to present a proposal that seeks to leverage the existing Karate Tokens. This idea aims to enrich the Karate Combat experience for all stakeholders, including fans, token holders, and advertisers. Drawing inspiration from Telegram’s successful use of their TON tokens in advertising sales. We believe that a similar approach can significantly benefit Karate Combat. We would greatly appreciate your consideration and feedback.

**1. **:tv: Digital Advertising with Karate Tokens

  • Introduce the use of Karate Tokens for purchasing digital advertising spaces at events. This initiative will include attractive options like 15-second ad spots on digital screens.
  • Offer incentives for ad payments made with Karate Tokens, such as discounts or preferred ad placements.

**2. **:moneybag: Revenue Sharing Model for Token Holders

  • Propose a revenue-sharing model where token holders can stake their Karate Tokens and receive a portion of the ad revenue. This could enhance the value of holding and staking Karate Tokens.
  • Develop or improve a platform for easy staking and transparent tracking of revenue sharing benefits.

**3. **:fire: Karate Live Advertising Board

  • Suggest the creation of a real-time ad purchasing system accessible during events, where ad slots can be bought through an online bidding or fixed-price platform. Users can upload their PFP, NFT, Meme, Crypto Video Reels.
  • Ensure seamless integration of this platform with the Karate Token system for efficient transactions.

**4. **:mega: Engagement and Marketing Initiatives

  • Launch targeted marketing campaigns to highlight the new applications of Karate Tokens, especially in the digital advertising space. Show your PFP, Brand etc in real time as the fight goes on.
  • Actively engage with existing token holders to bring awareness to these new opportunities.

**5. **:chart_with_upwards_trend: Focus on Scalability and Data-Driven Expansion

  • Plan to use ad sales and token usage data to understand trends, preferences, and strategically expand digital advertising opportunities.

**6. **:thought_balloon: Emphasis on Community Feedback

  • Seek continuous improvement based on community feedback and adapt to changing market conditions and technological advancements.

Seeking Your Support and Feedback We looking forward to hearing your thoughts on this proposal. Your feedback, insights, and ultimately your support, are crucial in determining whether this idea could become a valuable addition to the Karate Combat ecosystem. I believe that together, we can take Karate Combat to new heights.

Thank you for considering this proposal,

Future Fund


This is a great idea!


Luv this Innovative approuch !!
I have nothing bad to say about it, all sounds very smart to.

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Can I recommend having all or most of this available on the Karate App.

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I really like this idea, my only hesitancy would be on the revenue sharing with token holders via staking mechanism. On one hand, it will increase utility of the Karate Token on the other hand, KC is still pretty new and in heavy growth mode. Much of the advertising dollars would likely be better used for growth spend vs. “dividend”. Dividends are generally reserved for moderate growth and stable companies with not enough ways to invest their cash.


I fully agree with this statement :+1:t3: