Proposed changes to karate rules and regulations

To whom it may concern,

I am first and foremost a karate enthusiast and a fan of your organization. I have been following your events and activities for a long time and I admire the dedication and passion for promoting karate as a martial art and a sport.

I am writing to you to propose some changes to your rules and regulations that I believe will improve the quality and safety of your competitions. These changes are based on my observations and feedback from other karate practitioners and spectators. They are as follows:

  • Remove the entire ground game aspect. Karate is a striking art that focuses on standing techniques, such as punches, kicks, and blocks. Allowing ground fighting along with throws, deviates from the essence and spirit of karate. It also increases the risk of injuries and accidents, as the fighters may not be trained or skilled in ground fighting. Removing the ground game aspect will make the matches more exciting and authentic, as the fighters will have to rely on their karate skills and strategies.

  • Introduce standing 10 count for any fighter that is knocked down from a strike landed. This rule will add more drama and suspense to the matches, as the fighters will have to show their resilience and determination to continue. It will also prevent premature stoppages and controversies, as the referee will have a clear and objective criterion to determine the winner. A standing 10 count will also encourage the fighters to use more powerful and effective strikes, rather than relying on volume and speed.

  • Remove the non functional pit design. The current design of the pit, which is a square platform surrounded by a slanted wall, is not conducive to karate matches. Fighters consistently get backed up and slip backwards onto the wall and essentially become trapped and NOT considered grounded still which usually forces them to have to slide down the wall to the floor to become downed. This creates confusion and frustration for both the fighters and the spectators, as the wall interferes with the natural flow and movement of the fight. Removing the wall and replacing it with a standard ring ropes or cage will make the matches more fair and consistent, as the fighters will have more space and freedom to maneuver and showcase their skills.

  • Enforce the fouls more. Karate is a martial art that values respect, honor, and discipline. Enforcing the fouls more will deter the fighters from using such methods and will ensure the safety and integrity of the matches. It will also uphold the reputation and image of karate as a noble and respectful art.

I hope that you will consider my suggestions and implement them in your future events. I believe that these changes will make your organization more appealing and attractive to karate fans and practitioners, as well as to the general public. They will also enhance the quality and safety of your competitions, as well as the performance and satisfaction of your fighters.

Thank you for your time and attention. I appreciate your work and efforts in promoting and developing karate as a martial art and a sport. I look forward to hearing from you and to seeing your events.




Sorry I don’t agree with all these changes my friend…

  1. Ground and pound is essential and applied in all traditional styles of karate
  2. the count of 10 would break the rhythm of the fight, while a finish would be possible
  3. the pit is the identity of KC, therefore essential

I don’t doubt that you want to improve and evolve KC, but I don’t think that’s the way to go.

Perhaps, on the other hand, it is necessary to bring in other fighters (more focused on karate, rather than former UFC fighters).


No need to apologize my friend I love hearing any feedback too! Here are my responses to your points:

  1. I thought this was called Karate Combat? Maybe it should be called Kumite Combat then? No traditional Karate practices fighting off your back and throwing up-kicks that I have ever come across. Am I mistaken?

  2. There has been 0 KO’s due to ground strikes so far which supports even further this is not adding additional excitement and only adds a lull to the action. The ground strikes can also give an unfair advantage to the downed fighter, who can recover by laying on their back and regaining their equilibrium. I would prefer a standing 10 count, which would force the fighters to stand back up and resume combat immediately. If they cannot stand up or look fit to continue, the fight is over. This would make the fight more dynamic and decisive.

  3. I totally think the Pit looks very cool! However its proven in the 43 events to date that it’s more of a hindrance than a spectacle. It’s very strange after fighting a tough round to force the fighters to run up an incline to sit on their stool. This could be another safety concern of an exhausted fighter slipping backwards too. What about a slanted wall around the perimeter of the pit but not one big enough for your whole body to fit/lay on?

Let’s make Karate Combat great again!!


The problem with the rules is that if they are applied by karatekas (like at the origin of KC) the fight is great.
The problem is that the more things go, the more fighters come from boxing, MMA (UFC), and therefore it is not suitable for them.
However, I understand that we need fame to attract people, and what better than UFC stars (it’s true).


The discord mods banned me from there for making these suggestions. I guess Karate Combat is destined to fail :frowning: I will kindly remove myself from this community altogether. Wish you guys the best of luck! Cheers!


sorry to hear that / i’ll ask what happened