Snapshots change proposal

Proposal: Make the snapshots at random time to disincentivise dumping. Yes, there clear evidence of price pumping just before a snapshot, and quite abruptly dumping afterward (see dec. 13 snapshot price chart from KC43 attached). The random snapshot period should start right after an event up to the start of the next even. Karate Combat would announce right before the current event when the snapshot was taken.

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thank you for contributing here! there’s a number of reasons we might ditch the snapshot structure in the future. #1 would be to allow new users to join just before (or even during) an event.

however, i personally don’t believe discentivizing dumping should be a high priority early on. mostly focused on onboarding as many new users & community members as possible.


Yes, I guess that would make sense to emphasise the onboarding of new players instead of limiting the number of token allowed for voting/playing with snapshots. Thanks for the reply :facepunch:

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