The future of KC

so ive been a fan pretty much since the beginning and once the discord server was up i joined right away but now with this crypto stuff (i get that KC needs to make money for people who work for them and the fighters ect) but i feel like KC is going more to the crypto side than being about karate now dont get me wrong i still watch KC the fights are great but i kinda feel like us karate fans are getting drowned out by crypto people and bots especially in discord.


ABSOLUTELY there is too much crypto pushing going on, and the fan culture around the league has begun to catastrophically collapse it feels like. the discord is dead to me now, and it was one of the only channels i ever interacted with.

Not only is it obnoxious and completely irrelevant to the martial art and sport, the crypto bros are incredibly disrespectful to anyone trying to bring the conversation back to karate.

To be entirely honest, it makes it quite transparent that crypto was the end goal of the whole league itself. I was always wondering how it would make money with like, one sponsor and infinitely free events. Now I know, it was basically all a giant crypto scheme.

At least the fights are still decent…

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we should def continue to iterate the discord @Morphine777 . i’m sure @Fubar is down to help test out some strategies there with you.

@senpai_guy the end goal was not & is not “crypto”. the end goal is to put on the most entertaining fights in the world and keep the content free to watch so it can reach as many people as possible. i think it’s hard to take super negative comments (ie dead to me) that seriously since the content (& tokens / game) have been made free.

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Yea I think that would help I’ll talk to him and see what can be done

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I mean you can choose to take my comment seriously or not, but that’s my honest feeling and I’m not being disingenuous. However, I will admit I hadn’t checked out the karate channel since it was legitimately over run by crypto bros and bots, and now it seems like things have improved somewhat. But not completely.

In any case, my feelings about the shift in the culture and about my suspicions with the intentions are still there, and I think it would be great if you, as someone of some importance in the company and community, don’t just dismiss them outright simply because you don’t like hearing it. You can disagree with what I’m saying, but to say you can’t take such things seriously simply because they’re strong and negative opinions is weird.

Not everybody is interested in the token, free or not. As an android user I don’t even have access to any of that business at all. And I think it would be great if the audience that cares primarily about karate and the fights is taken seriously and not completely abandoned to those who are more concerned about the token.

I understand the token thing is a major and unique aspect of KC. And I don’t think the token talk and the karate talk are completely incapable of existing alongside each other. But I think the community channels can still be better moderated to keep the crypto talk to the crypto channels and enforce that karate channels be used for karate.

In general, I feel the leadership at KC should figure out which is the priority, crypto or karate, and be transparent about it. Because it is absolutely ridiculous to interview an endless stream of crypto influencers who aren’t even saying anything except about how much they’re enjoying the event and how excited they are for the token, when actual fighters and KC champions are sitting right there, who could be weighing in on the actual fights with actual knowledge and relevant opinions.

thanks, that’s a lot more constructive than your original mesage.

we should definitely continue to improve the discord. but KC exists so many places online, and discord is a very small piece of our online footprint. i dont think it’s fair to judge everything on it being overrun for a couple months.

and to be honest it’d be pretty hard to convince me that who is interviewed between fights matters immesnely to enough people to spend a ton of time thinking about it or regretting any choices made live during the show.

I know I’m prone to hyperbole so I understand I came across as quite dramatic. My feelings really are that strong, but I understand where you’re coming from and I appreciate you addressing my concerns.

I do think interviews between fights are quite important though. Hearing from-the-ground first reactions and thoughts from fighters, especially champions, who are potential future opponents of the fighters who had just competed in front of them would be incredibly insightful and entertaining, and communicate that the competition is at the heart of the league, not the crypto marketing. To be honest, I think all the crypto influencer interviews wouldn’t even bother me so much if they were at least saying something substantially meaningful or informative, instead of just saying they’re excited or pleased about the token. Either way, especially when a lot of finishes occur, those interviews can take up a significant amount of airtime and are a good opportunity to get some really cool conversations out there.

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agreed. for further context, we were on the ground trying to interview fighters’ family members etc. understandably people often say no to being interviewed, and the live atmosphere is much crazier than it looks online.

as you alluded to, the time between fights is unfortunately out of our control, unless we are willing to ditch broadcast television. tons of flex time is required since fights can end in 5 seconds or 20 minutes.