The inclusion of taekwondo under the umbrella of "karate" and the labeling of the fighters as well as recruitment

For one thing Karate Combat avoids using the word taekwondo like the plague, and it also is last time i checked, not a searchable item on karate combat but is also sometimes used as terminology for a fighter but not other times, even in the place where you can search for any other style. my problem with it is this: 1) Taekwondo is a direct descendant of shotokan as its founder was a student of the founder of shotokan 2) itf taekwondo and wkf karate (prior to olympic inclusion) were just niche enough to be special, but clearly the highest representations of the art of karate, with wkf favoring long range takedowns and ippon style punching, and itf favoring punching combinations to set up powerful kicking techniques (to me the combination of the two “kintsugi” style is a dream) 3) the most gnarly knockouts i have ever seen in my life came from jka and the taekwondo kickboxers of the 80’s that were also golden gloves boxers.

Tomasz barada is every bit the amazing fighter that aghayev is, he’s just too old now to realistically compete in KC. There is a plethora of great talent to be found there. I would argue olympic WTF taekwondo is in the same vein as kyokushin since punches to the head are disallowed. The skills in karate combat will eventually mix. And frankly the fact that samuel erickson and damian villa haven’t performed better is baffling and unfortunate. still that being said RAYMOND DANIELS is an american karate fighter but primarily a taekwondo savant and his stuff is legendary.

Lastly as a side note I would like to advocate for lau gar, kenpo karate, and american karate to get more recruits. wako is where they all usually fight but wako is annoying. Except when raymond sat mvp down that was hilarious.


Thanks for pointing out the non mentioning of taekwondo by Karate Combat.
To me taekwondo was always more about spectacular kicking and of course Korean, whereas Karate was Japanese with more power body punching.
Lately I have realized that Karate Combat is really in practice similiar to the Wushu-Sanda shown on TV in China. Their are also spectacular takedowns in Sanda including Judo like throws. The only thing missing are the 5 second ground and pound. Why not have Sanda fighters vs Karate Combat fighters as a tournament?

2x WT World Medalist Damian Villa, ITF World Champion and Multi Time World Kickboxing Champion Igancio Capollonch, and AAU National Medalist Nathalia Dinis have all fought in the Karate Combat Pit. If you check all their fighter pages they have Taekwondo listed as their style and they openly represent Taekwondo in the Pit. So I don’t see the issue?

Gabo Lee and Shazaib Rindh both represent Sanda in the Pit.

No because ITF taekwondo is literally one generation removed from shotokan, just like wkf karate is.

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Just wanted to spotlight the new contender for Karate Combat: Kombat Taekwondo taking place for the inaugural event on December 3, 2023 in Bogota Columbia

Looks pretty similar to KC!

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Yes I see this Kombat Taekwondo, but they have not the level of Karate Combat.
They try to copy KC.
We will see in the future.
Oss !!

Good news is that if they get any talent, karate combat can buy them

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