The Pocket Options Model to $KARATE Combat UOG

Social Voting (Copy Voting): Ability to copy votes of other UOGamers (users).

About Copy Voting:

  • You can follow UOGamers and copy their fighter picks for a small fee (usually a percentage of your profits).
  • Potential Benefits: Convenient way to potentially profit from experienced or more successful Voters.
  • Potential Drawbacks:
    • Performance of the copied voter isn’t guaranteed.
    • Requires careful selection of voters to copy (look for their track record).


  • Convenience: Simplifies voting for novices by leveraging the picks of experienced voters.
  • Potential Profits: Following successful voters could lead to increased winnings.


  • Risk: Past performance doesn’t guarantee future success. Voters you copy could still lose.
  • Fees: Copying other’s votes reduces your potential returns.
  • Uncertainty: Combat sports are inherently unpredictable.


  • Copying fees: UOGamers set their fees, from 0.1% to 1% maximum.

Overall, applying the Pocket Option copy trading model to Karate Combat Up Only Gaming has interesting potential, but significant challenges need to be addressed. It would require a dedicated platform, careful consideration of fees, and a strong focus.

Possible Implementation:

  • Platform: A new platform or integration within an existing Karate Combat voting platform would be needed to facilitate copy voting.
  • Fees: Users could pay a fee (percentage of winnings) to copy the picks of successful Karate Combat voters (UOGamers)

Here are some additional points to consider:

  • Transparency: The platform should disclose the win rates and risk management strategies of the voters users can copy.
  • User Education: The platform should educate users about the risks of copy-voting and the complexities of voting on combat sports.
  • Regulation: Ensure compliance with all relevant regulations in target markets.
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