The potential for a hundred man kumite....?

Kyokushin karate’s main claim to fame is body shots, inner thigh kicks, rolling thunder, and most importantly THE 100 man kumite. It is an extremely difficult thing to do. but, i would argue that karate combat can do it better and that if it was done under karate combat rules it would be a greater feat. I know this is not realistic, I’m just curious if anyone would take up the challenge, and what it would look like for karate combat to broadcast. remember that sakuraba and royce gracie fought for 90 minutes with 15 minute rounds and royce threw in the towel, and sakuraba fought again the same night. There’s no question in my mind that this was equally grueling as a classical 100 man kumite, albeit the two are different no question. It seems feasible to me, but very very difficult


Considering fighters who often due it under Kyokushin rules end up in the hospital after I don’t think doing it under any full contact ruleset with face punches is a good idea. Now with that being said if for example Jo Miyahara became a legendary Karate Combat Fighter, I would love to see him end his career with a Kyokushin Rules 100 Man Kumite in the Pit.

to each his own. I was just wondering if anyone would take up the challenge if asked. just sort of a legacy thing. finding 100 blackbelts would be fun also.

100 man kumite is such an awesome brand. we should do something with it.

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