Voting via KC Mobile App ONLY

Hello everyone!

This is my first post. Hereby, I would like to suggest to limit the voting process to the KC Mobile App ONLY. This proposal is meant for future events.


  • Straightforward
  • Limits confusions
  • More people can vote without facing technical issues
  • No “last minute” support requests
  • Mobile App biometrical requirements do not get bypassed

I am sure there are many more reasons that you all can think off. By abandoning the Web App voting process, we can create an overall better participation and satisfaction level. The Mobile App works smooth, is very intuitive to use and basically contains everything that is needed to participate at the KC / IFC events.

The Website wouldn’t lose its purpose, but have a stronger focus on providing information, advertising, selling tickets, merchandize and so on.

This proposal is made by me, because I have seen in the short time that I have been part of the Community, that people kept stating the same problems over and over. When they are being told to opens tickets, they get impatient. The amount of the tickets that probably deal with the same technical or non-technical issues could be kept a lot smaller.

Looking forward to your feedback and your thoughts.

Do you think it would improve the overall process, especially for new people?

Or do you believe everything should remain as it is?



i think we do plan to limit the number of additional features that will be built into the webapp.

however, i would be nervous about killing it in entirety. it serves as a good backup option if google or apple decide one day they really don’t like crypto.


Hello, I am totally against it.
I think we should be able to continue voting live on the WEB.
Why penalize users used to the WEB application???


That makes sense! Thank you for your feedback

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Thanks for your feedback. Yeah, I wasn’t thinking of it to be a punishment. It was meant to create a stronger focus on the App and streamline the overall voting process and therefore create a lot of technical malfunctions or user mistakes. By lowering those the image of crypto would significantly be approved for non-crypto people and make it easier to onboard. Plus, we would have one standard for biometrical requirement. Which doesn’t exist on Web App, afaik.

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