What New Country would you like KC to Travel to first?

Please also explain your vote choice in the Comments Below. It might also help convince other voters as well as add saliency to the selected vote.

  • United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
  • Federative Republic of Brazil
  • Dominion of Canada
  • United Arab Emirates

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Canada has some of the best gym’s and fighters(and great fight promoters). Good way to showcase karate combat at the top of the world. Have the venue in steel town or in Montreal.t


I really believe that UK of Great Britain and Northen Ireland should be the next destination for Karate Combat next events.
The reason is because of all the registered fighters, 65 of them are from the European continent.
It would be easier and cheaper for them to fly to fight there, as well to have an eventual European fighters only card.


a couple of the league’s largest priorities are finding a home base studio in a location with some production tax incentives and partnering with foreign geographies to run fully sponsored events. i’d guess that both effots push the KC to start to move around a lot more than we have over the last year.


I don’t know if Universal Studios qualifies on the tax incentives front but I really like them as a candidate for a home base studio. Has a good local audience, can collaborate with the park (maybe do open workouts there), plus maybe KC could work out a deal to get Karate Combat on the Peacock app and NBC Sports.

I am under the impression that Ontario doesn’t charge any entertainment taxes ect. Instead Ontario offers some kind of credit.


Toronto or Montreal would be great locations for Karate Combat. There are several studios that can be used for KC and there are tax credits too…


Given the vital importance of the $KARATE token to the league’s fan-centric network, a key part of the analysis has to be where a jurisdiction is right now in the process of establishing regulatory clarity for token projects. Unfortunately, the U.S. does not compare favorably at the moment to the UK or its EU neighbors.


GSP is a great ambassador , would love for KC to come to Montreal, Canada.


i like that idea a lot :martial_arts_uniform:


Thats nice and good …

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I like to visit united arab simply because i heard that things are very expensive there…and i have a lot of money to spend…hahaha


No Brasil o Karatê nas capitais dos Estados é ensino como disciplina desde a infância, fora as referências que temos no mma e seleção olímpica como: Lyoto Machida, Luiz Rocha e a Helena Yamaguchi. Se vierem para o Ibirapuera ou Maracanãzinho é certeza de casa lotada.