Winner/winnings reveal change in results section

Hey HBARbarians and Karate Combat fans,
I’d like to propose a change to the results section of the dApp. Many folks can’t watch KC events live nor watch the whole playback in one sitting - myself included. When I watch a fight on playback I’d like to check the dApp to remind myself who I’m gunning for but here’s the problem: once the live event is finished, the results page shows the results (and my winnings) for every fight. I don’t want to see all the results/winnings at once. I want to be able to ‘click and reveal’ the winner of each fight seperately. I might watch a couple of fights, go to the dApp and ‘reveal’ my winnings. A day later, I’ll watch all the influencer fights. I go to the dApp and reveal those. Eventually I watch everything and can reveal my winnings after watching.
I think this proposed change will enhance the excitement for those who can’t watch live. I don’t know if it’s technically tricky to make such a change but I’m putting it out here to see what others think.


I like your idea. Additionally i would add:

  1. Live results. That is the app should update with the winner of each fight once complete, as opposed to at the end of the event. The reveal function to be implemented as well; and
  2. The results page should have a link to the replay/timestamp skip to each of the fights. Instead of having to rewatch the entire event and trying to find each fight within the 4 hour event.

Great idea! I would love to see live notifications as well, as an option for those who are interested.