Leader Board based on Percentage won vs Wallet holdings

After each round there have been some extra rewards for the Top “insert number here” earners.

Can we look into another Leader Board based on precentage won, i.e. Winnings vs Karate tokens in Wallet? It would get new users with lower balances trying to play the game more effectively to increase their wins by betting larger on underdogs etc. Also have a chance at winning a share in the bonus rewards.

Could set a minimum threshold, say 25,000 $KARATE, this would require a purchase rather than just use the free 88.

For your consideration,

Love Bruce.


yes it’s a good idea

Interesting concept! There could be multiple valid metrics that would work here leading to more categories to award users! For instance a total gains leader, a percentage leader, parlay leader (when and if implemented) also heard some rumblings of being able to delegate ones assets to specific known HOT STREAK bettors!


I came here with the purpose to create a proposal like this as I discussed this topic in the telegram chat yesterday with 2-3 people (which didn’t agree). I’ll simply add my idea to this topic.

My thought is purely about fairness and math: a person who bought 1mil KARATE could bet on 8 matches, lose 7 bets and still be in the top ranking while a person with 1000 KARATE could do the same amount of bets, nail every single one of them and still not receiving any bonus. It’s unfair, basically this ranking system helps the riches (in terms of KARATE) and doesn’t reward those that are good at picking fighters.

In telegram chat someone said that if we reward only thinking about the percentage of wins people could create many accounts and get many rewards. This is clearly wrong since to create many account you need many phones, it wouldn’t be convenient. If we want to apply a second layer of protection we can add a minimum threshold as suggested by @BruceRee but I’d say 10K is more than enough. Currently 10K is around 50$, assuming a person had even 10 phones he/she should spend 500$ in KARATE to get into the ranking so 10K should be the right amount.

Off course current top holder won’t like this proposal and will oppose it because current rules favour them but there are currently only 109 people with more than 100K KARATE so the majority as affordable bags.

My final thought: this ranking prize should award those who are good at picking the winners, like every betting system does, this is not a prize for the top spenders. If we wanna do that let’s do it in another way, but in this case we should reward the one who better understand martial arts and can judge well the pontential of a fighter.

Finally: martial arts it’s also about fair competition, in this case there’s nothing fair, it’s a system which makes richer those who have already more money and it’s awful. To the top holders: this won’t penalize you, it’ll put everyone on the same starting point. I want to make that clear, this is not against you, it’s to make the competition real.


yes percentage makes sense


I personally think % makes sense for some things and the top earner’s makes sense for others. Probably some other categories of participation that should be rewarded as well.

But I’m currently thinking the biggest member benefits deserve to go to the top [1,000] players per year on an annual basis.

Right now we’re doing the leaderboard rewards in a manual, experimental way. But imo it all needs to be discussed, voted on and iteratively productized by the first anniversary of UOG.


An annual prize like you say would certainly be cool for the people who constantly follow and keep KC alive. It totally makes sense.

In any case, if the company will keep sending prizes/airdrops after every event to the bettors the percentage + a small minimum KARATE amount required is the only fair way from a mathematical point of view. I’ve already explained why absolute numbers don’t work, so I won’t bore you again with that reasoning :grin:

How does this works? Can we create an official voting poll here?


yep we plan to write up some initial thoughts on the annual member benefits this week. we can use that to open up a proper discussion before voting.


100% with you.

And agree with the lower threshold, however, it could be a USD value rather size of karate bag. As $Karate increases the 10k threshold becomes more expensive for the new starter.

The fairest way to distribute additional rewards is a % based leader board. It doesn’t put the top holders out it makes them play the game better.

I’ve been getting mates on board with the Karate app who don’t have much crypto to start with let alone a big bag of $karate. To your point above, I have a sizeable load of tokens whereas my mate has a beginners bag of 23,000, he bets well and wins a handsome reward relative to his wallet, yet I’m the one getting the bonus after the round because I had more to start with.

I think a fairer bonus system will entice more people to stay and play. We don’t want any unnecessary FUD being spread that the rewards only go to the “OGs”.

Yeah I’ll miss bonus rewards because compared to the majority out there I’m a dud at picking winners. But I’ll get better at it and start following fighters and getting in to it a lot more between events.

Up on gaming for the win!


The only question (at least for me) now is: how do we propose this change to community? How can we make an official poll on this?

@onlylarping will show us the way.

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Claim reward 10.000 contrast please ser

I’m sorry, I didn’t get what you mean

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@13raffasa Not exactly picking up what you are putting down here Ser. Please explain?

Could easily just add a few columns to sort leaderboard in different ways which would be nice. % wins, total nominal amount $karate won, etc.

I look forward to a cumulative leaderboard as well which would have lifetime stats, streaks, records, winning %


I can see how this could be useful from an accuracy perspective in regard to who is picking the most fights correctly and betting the highest on said fights. However, there is something to be said for also rewarding the early token holders and serious investors. In the long term finding a solution to reward both would be ideal.


The early holders, like myself, will get rewarded when Karate Combat becomes a household name. To do that we need to attract the multitudes. A fair bonus reward system will attract more users to stay and play, rather than seeing the larger holders reaping all the additional benefits.
Other metrics could be added to the reward system like longest holders, however that would mean no sales or least amount of sales per wallet. Just because 1 user bought early, and continue to hold some, only sell in to rally’s to the new comers doesn’t mean they should be entitled to extra rewards for being an early holder.
The fairest system for bonus payments is one where we all have an equal playing field and that is playing the game at each event.


I couldn’t agree more and as you well explained, if the biggest holders get the majority of the prizes you don’t attract new people!

Anyway, what’s up with this proposal? How do we make this a real poll?


@onlylarping How do we get this on its way to an in app vote?

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the process for that is laid out here